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ONTARIO FENCE & DECK LIMITED was awarded the contract by the Toronto & Region Conservation to construct the Rouge Valley Observation Deck on the banks of the river in what will be Canada's first "Urban National Park"


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Every homeowner, prior to signing an agreement, should consider these very important questions.

How long has the contractor been in business? Does he have references?

Are you getting an exact price for a complete project with no hidden extra costs?

Although many project quotations are based on price per sq. or price per lineal foot every backyard is unique

and may consume additional materials due too grading conditions. Make sure this is a fixed & final price for a total completed project. Extras should be discussed as optional features such as benches or planters.

Are your competitive quotations comparing the same specifications?

Detailed drawings and written construction specifications are the best way to ensure consistency between bids. Not all contractors build a deck the same way. Your contractor should gather your ideas then confidently describe his approach regarding construction.

Get your quote in writing !

Always get your quote in writing with as much detail as possible, including two critical documents;

1) Worker's Compensation Clearance Certificate

This document shows that all people working in your backyard connected with the main contractor are fully covered by the W.S.I.B. In the event of an unforseen personal injury, the injured nor their family will be permitted to sue for personal damages or loss.

2) Certificate of Liability Insurance

This document proves that the contractor carries adequate liabilty insurance to cover unforseen damages to personal property.

If your contractor does not have these two documents DO NOT let him work in your backyard, your homeowners policies may be void and as owner of the property you will be liable for damages.

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